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Food Fraud?


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Seems some of our food labels are telling us porkys! :shock: EG; Chicken (in some cases) contains 30% water to "fatten" it up, however, in order to hold the water in; beef or pork protein is used. :shock: One can imagine every Muslim now trying to vomit up their chicken curries! :shock::wink:

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I must admit I did take my sea-legs on my recent trip across the Irish Sea. If pete is going on a voyage then I'm happy to give him a few.


However I suspect that you are having a go at people who need tablets for other reasons. Poking fun at these people just to make you feel good is ceratinly not a way to win an arguement.


If that is how you get your kicks and it certainly seeems that way then you are a sad old man.

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Pete why are you introducing politics into this thread?


Observer has answered my question and I'm happy with his reply?


I was trying to ascertain why it was have a go at observer week in a couple of your posts. :?


Oh, nothing to do with Politics, Pete I simply find a lot of his comments distasteful.


Nothing personal you understand because he's just an anomynous cyber poster who I've never met.


Why this week well just review his comments to see for yourself. :wink:

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Each to their own, as they say. Without those "unsavoury" posts??? would we have had the benefit of reading your responses, or would you have stayed walkabout?


Don't people understand tongue-in-cheek throw-aways any more?

Slightly off topic, but I ploughed through a WBC plan for the present time (Corporate Plan), and the format for that was total gobbledegook for anyone over 50.

What happened to simple language and common sense?

All this modern day claptrap does, is stall the delivery of things. :twisted::evil::twisted::evil:

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