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The clay pigeon shooter's wife


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After breaking a score 100 x 100 in singles, 97 x 100 in handicap & 95 x 100 in doubles, Frank and his buddies were hanging out and planning their next 3-day shooting trip. Unfortunately, he had to tell them that he couldn't go this time because his wife wouldn't let him.


After a lot of teasing and name calling, Frank headed home totally frustrated. The following week when Frank's buddies arrived at the gun club, they were shocked to see Frank sitting in the clubhouse, holding his gun!


"How did you talk your wife into letting you go, Frank?"


"I didn't have to," Frank replied. "Last I night I slumped down in my chair with a beer to drown my sorrows.


I slept in that chair all night. Then, early this morning the wife sneaked up behind me and covered my eyes and said, 'Surprise.' When I peeled her hands back, she was standing there in a beautiful see through negligee and she said, 'Carry me into the bedroom, tear this negligee from my body, tie me to the bed and you can do whatever you want'...


So, here I am!"

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I immediately cut and pasted this joke into an email to my old chum in Florida, who emails me regularly about his guns, his trips to the firing range, his wishes for guns he doesn't have yet, his opinions of various ammo on the market.....


In his defense, he and he wife are both in their 70s, but I think perhaps his wife will enjoy your joke more than he.

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