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Walking Day pictures!


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i only found out when i spotted one of those information signs on Wednesday warning that there would be delays on Friday due to the walking day.


guess people have more important things on their minds at present.


gone are the days when the whole town would shut down for the day and the streets would be crowded with proud relatives all dressed in their Sunday bests and waving like mad at the kiddies, most of which wandered along tied to the rest with ribbons and wondering what all the fuss was about and why people kept running out and stuffing pennies into their hands.

and then at the end the town would resemble a scene from an old western with balloons rolling down deserted streets like tumble weeds and sort of deathly silence pervading the area as nearly everybody took off to the seaside for the rest of the day, blackpool with shadwells coaches or new brighton on the train for others.


these days it seems to be just an excuse to get to the pub before nine am and listen to loud music or am i just getting old :(:cry::cry::lol:


weather is hot and very humid at present, most forecasts i have seen show heavy thundery showers with possible flash floods. :shock:

hope they are wrong

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Well we haven't forgotten here at warrington-worldwide where we intend to bring you the very best coverage of today's event with pictures and movie of the big day - check out the news pages and picture galleries from around 10.30am onwards as we will be updating throughout the day.

Larry - nice to see you are still around! :wink:

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You have restored my faith in human nature thanks Gary :)


Even though you changed my post header slightly I'll let you off lol.


Well I wanted to make sure everyone knew how hard we had been working!

You'd hardly know there had been a walking day if you had to rely on another news service! :oops::roll:

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It didn't even warrant a mention in the WBC website list of events for the town...how sad.


Nice pics mate...I usually go watch the walk but I couldnt today, hope you had a waterproof camera :D


Not just water proof camera but a video camera under a brolly!




You can now re-live the occasion over and over again! :D:wink:

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Just for interest, is there a centrally organised body that plans and co-ordinates these walks or is it just every school/church doing it's own thing? :?

The council help co-ordinate the main Warrington Walking Day in conjunction with the 20 local churches taking part - surely you knew that? :roll:

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