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Why is it illegal ?


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Why is it so bad to give social housing to locals, before ppl moving into the area ? maybe i have misunderstood, but ive been trying to get a 3 bed council house for 6 years, and so far im still at the bottom of the waiting list :shock:


And yet ppl moving into the area, are offered the housing straight away :evil:


Ive lived in Warrington all my life, and would like to remain here, with all my family...


But it seems the only way to afford to live in Warrington, is to move out of the area for a few years, then come back !! Does taht seem backwards to anyone else ?

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because of the law as it stands whereby the council must look at sert criteria and consider the same before allocating. The equality act being rushed through parliament at the moment will definately make GB's promise illegal without criteria i.e. no positive discrimination allowed except if you are being employed.

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Tina, nip across to Calais, get a lift back, under a truck, and you should get fixed up! :wink:


LOL Gonna have to i think !!


Ive been homeless !! There is still a waiting list for that too !! And i have 2 young children..


It seems it must be perfectly legal to discriminate against locals !!

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Where are you currently living? If you are in a house or flat and waiting because you want a room each for the kids, then that isn't going to move you above a family with more children or no roof at all, so there's not a lot you can do and not much chance of success.


If, on the other hand, you're in one room at a B&B, then you can pressure on the basis that your children are suffering. Local Councillors, MPs, MEPs, Social Services - if you get some or all of them hassling over your case, then things might move.


Best of luck, anyway :D

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Ive managed to rent a place now... but wont be able to afford it for long !! When i last spoke to them , me and the kids were sharing 1 bedroom in my dad's house... The kids are aged 8 & 9 ( boy and girl )..



They told me i had a roof over my head so there was no priority !!


Wasnt a nice situation to be in tho :?

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