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Road sign - what would you do ?


When faced with a ROAD CLOSED sign.. What would YOU do  

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  1. 1. When faced with a ROAD CLOSED sign.. What would YOU do

    • Drive on regardless because you don't believe it
    • Take notice.. and NOT drive down the Road
    • Drive on regardless.. then get really annoyed when you find the road IS CLOSED so you have to u-turn and go back
    • Other... please explain :)

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if the place i was visiting was before the point that the road was closed then i would drive down it.


if not then i would not drive down the road but look for the diversion route (if any) and follow that.


have been in the position that i went down a road for about quarter of a mile only to come across such a sign about ten yards from the point it was closed. no diversion signs and no other turn off before i reached that point. apparently they had just closed off the road and had not yet posted the sign at the end i had entered. took fifteen minutes to get back up the road as it was abit on the narrow side and i had to wait for the articulated wagon and three other cars to get clear before i could get out. :(

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