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Just Wondering About Summat.


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How come the meteorologists know what the pollen count will be 24 hours in advance?


Why is it that I always have to tell me Mam that her breath stinks?

Why can't she smell her own bad breath?


If you drive through Admiralty Arch in London. You will see a big stone nose on one side of the Arch. What was the purpose of this stone nose, and why was it put there?


And why is it that the back of me Mams hand is colder than the palm of her hand? I know this to be true because I have felt the back of me Mams hand a number of times.

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The poor woman hasn't much going for her.

I had a bet with her.

I bet her that she couldn't jump across the canal in two goes. She sank and I won 50.p

Last night she made some scones. I didn't fancy them so she tried force feeding them to the dog, but it kept on spitting them out.

They say that looks aren't everything. But yer on a no hoper when yerve a face like a plasterers radio.

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