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Gran- carers?


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Seems we now have a generation of grand-parents - caring for their own parents and also their grand-children - the strains of which, are placing many in poverty. :shock: Thought that's why third world countries still have large families - to look after you in your old age, in societies with no state pensions or benefits system? :?

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You really are a typical Liberal you know Sgt... everyone has to fit a profile and tick the right boxes.


One minute I'm a Nazi racist, the next I am someone with Victorian values and attitudes which are totally at odds with Nazi ideas.... what can I be next, a green campaigner and human rights activist? :lol:

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I'm sure when I called you a victorian I put a wink after it :wink: But if your happy with it who am I to complain :wink::wink::wink::lol:


I lose track with all the smileys you use..... surely one man can't be that expressive!!


As for Victorians; they had some good ideas you know!!

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