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File Sharing

Lt Kije

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I've probably bought more CD's since I started downloading stuff via torrents to listen to on my PC. I'm now finding that I'll download anything and everything that catches my eye - because I can do so for free - but if I like something after I've listened a few times then I'll probably buy the CD to listen to in the car.


This approach has made my CD collection quite a bit more eclectic than it was and has led to my buying stuff I would not normally consider if I were just browsing in a record shop.


In general, I don't consider that musicians should be paid for recorded copies of their work anyway. I don't mind paying for the production cost of the CD, but not royalties to the act - that's like paying an artist for a photograph their painting or sculpture. A performer should be paid for performing. Radio play and recorded material should be considered as advertising to sell tickets for their live performances. Maybe that way we'll get more artists who can actually play or sing.

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What's 'Torrents' ? :oops:


I just googled it as it sounds good but couldn't find anything to do with music. Can someone send me a link :D


I've only ever listened to or downloaded music on youtube but a lot is being blocked to the UK these days :roll:


Ta :D

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Do you know Inky, I actually listened to a chap on the radio last week and they were discussing this very issue. He was from the music industry (in some capacity or other to do with copyright theft as a lawyer or barrister possibly.) and he was adamant that just because you have the song on a cd or even an old record, it does not automatically entitle you to download it free of charge from an online source....

He reckoned that everytime you download a copy of the song; you should pay for it. Just as if you went into a shop and bought the album on vinyl, you wouldn't have gone back when the shop started selling the CD version and just walk out with it without paying; you would have bought the CD and the tape and the mini disc etc. Just because it is online doesn't mean you should get it for nothing


He did give some comparisons with other industries but I can't remember them now; but I remember thinking that he had a point!

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In that case, I shall continue to upload my CD's to my PC, my laptop, my phone, my ipod, my media centre, and any other medium I may wish to listen to the music I have paid for copyright on.


If I also happen to leave a partition of my hard drive open for legitimate file sharing, then it's just unfortunate if my music also ends up on this same partition. :lol::lol::lol:

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i copy my cd's over to the pc and then burn them back to a blank cd.


that way i can use the copy to listen to anywhere and if it gets damaged i still have the original to copy again.


i would be very careful of downloading bit torrents, if you do make sure that your anti virus is fully to date and is set to scan any file that is being downloaded prior to you opening it. there are a lot of viri ? virusses? (nasty stuff that will do your computer harm) :?


it can be handy though as i managed to get a song that the father in law wanted to play at my mother in laws funeral.


as for copyrighted material. if you play a cd in your car and there is a passenger then i think you are breaking the copyright as it could be classed as a public broadcast.

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