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Taken from unibondleague.com



The UniBond League 2009-2010 fixtures will be published on this website on the 15th July 2009.


For the first time the League will be using the auspices of Glenn Thompson who compiles the Premiership and Football League fixtures in a move that will bring the UniBond League in to line with the Ryman and Zamaretto League[southern] who will also release their fixtures on the same day in an agreement reached between the three Step 3 & 4 Leagues.


In previous seasons the UniBond League has manually compiled its own fixtures which has allowed for a more bespoke list but when released had as many negatives as positives. It is hoped that member clubs and their supporters will see an improvement to the fixtures by using the system. The League, however, takes the view that it may take a couple of years for the methodology to be tuned completely into club requirements.


Alan Allcock, League Operations Manager said, "I see the use of the FA approved fixture system as a leap forward into using available technology to bring the League's administration into the 21st century. The Fixture System has been well tested and used by the Ryman and Zamaretto for several years. I see it really down to the UniBond League officers providing Glenn Thompson with sufficient base data to produce a very acceptable list. It was hoped that the fixtures could be published a few weeks earlier but as a number of clubs are requesting a pair up with Conference clubs we will have to wait until their fixtures are published before Glenn can start work on ours."


League Secretary Phil Bradley added, "Through a Business Process Review that has been developed over the last 12 months the use of technology has become a priority within the League. In addition to the fixtures becoming computerised the League is also this season introducing a new Player Registration System that has been developed by Keith Turner on behalf of the Southern League. We have also now moved all League Officers to a shared server which they will use even though they work from home in order to circumvent the problems experienced by the League when stand alone computers crash. These major changes are just part of a 31 point list which will be implemented over the next two years. Many of the recommendations to be introduced involve technology that should enable the UniBond League to achieve sustainability within its operations meaning at no time in the future will the League be dependent on any one officer to run our day to day business."


A very interesting article on Glenn Thompson's fixture system can be found on the BBC Paul Fletcher Blog



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