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Fans dress to thrill!


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8):D Oh Eagle, i set the trap and you fell into it !!!!


Lyn Tryner is my partner and we are getting married next year !!! :P


Who do you think set up the video opportunity with Matt King and the Wolves for her and her friends last week ......


Lyn has been following the Wolves for many years, she made the big flag you see at home matches, she made the dresses for Barcelona..... She has also just made a new flag for the Barcelona match against Catalan Dragons on Saturday.... Her friend Mike Wall designs all the graphics for the flags...


oh yes and she is also the owner of Lyn's Curtain Corner based in Warrington :)

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:cry: Eagle,

well the only saddo is the one being offensive, namely you.


As for my bird ?? she is a lovely lady and not a bird??


its people like you who call girls 'birds' who show little respect towards women ...


As for getting paid for the promo ?? it was not a promo but a film about how wolves fans are making an effort to make Saturdays game in Barcelona a great ocassion.


maybe you really just want to try on one of the dresses yourself ?? :roll: let me know and i will get you one made up ready lol :roll:

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:P:shock::D Well those dresses had the desired effect !!! Catalan Dragons 12 - 24 Warrington Wolves !!!! :P and Eagle predicted Wolves had little chance ??


My film with the dresses has even been screened on Sports.tv this afternoon .... 8)


Just spoken with Lyn live from the stadium in Barcelona !!!

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