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Trooping the Colour.


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That's generally been the case throughout history - problem has been, after the flag waving has died down, and public attention moves on to other things - the lads return to poverty and neglect - believe a veteran of Waterloo, was buried in a paupers grave in Manchester, and we've heard of numerous cases of lads having to sell their medals. :cry:

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Obs you quite right, its always the same, before the Falklands we (i was a serving soldier then) we dirt and low and behold along came the Falklands and we were heros,the Falklands have been forgotton about and we dirt again..

The goverment doenst look after soldiers it normaly the Military Social servicers who help which is largely run by SAAFI.


Without the bull that goes with these parades everyone would forget about the guys on the ground even faster.. so i have no porblem with them being held and the guys being on show..dont know if the guys would see it that was though.. iahted doing such parades lots of hard Drill work and then only a short parade..




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My old mate Rab served in the 2nd Battalion Scots Guards (The Queen Mums favourites.) allways brought them a tumbler of whisky out when they were on sentry duty at The Palace, and quite often had one with them.


Went off to the Falklands, where he did his bit on Tumbledown. Got home safely. Done another stint on Horse Guards. Retired from the forces only to be turned down for his application into the fire service, because he was too old at the grand old age of 32.

Wham, Bam, Thank You Mam.

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