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Broken without you


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just laying in the silence

of the night

going through my mind

pictures of us

forever encaptured

in my memory

can't face the truth

that you have gone


when I close my eyes

i swear i hear your voice

you're still close to me

it has to be

that your still here

with me





within my heart

trouble me

I miss you

Im so broken

without you

cant see the days

where I live

without you

Im so broken


my heart crying

into the silence of the night

trying to survive

the clock strikes

another hour has gone

And I still go on holding on, although so weak

to the fact

somehow you will

hear me


And with the dreams

we made

Dont want to wake

cause when I do

You wont be here with me

i bare my all my heart so heavy

right now

Just dont want to fight within me

just got to have you

need you

so my world is complete




I miss you

Im so broken

Im so broken

In time i will see

when the night turns to day

and the stars will shine

once again

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I hate myself for saying this: Get Over It.


Really, I've written the same poem for fifty-four years using different words. It's like picking at a scab. My heart was broken at age 19. I recently found her in the Internet's People Finder blog. She only was married 11 years to the other guy, turning out 5 children, had to work to support herself and is now 72 years old. I went on to have 3 marriages -- and excessive carnal joys -- as compensation.

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