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Brilliant Brits wins, Paula in NY Marathon, Justin Rose

Geoff Settle

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What a fantastic Marathon race Paula was superb and what a finish. Her time means that she is the first British athlete to be selected for next year's olympic games.


I bet Pedro was jumping up and down like me and cheering her on over the very exciting last mile. :D


Lovely pictures of Paula with her baby and Gary, no not our Gary but her coach and husband. Plus the union jack was flying high again in New York.


Less than an hour before Justin Rose had won his golf match and secured his European order of merit & not forgetting the GB squads 40 win against the Kiwis.


So not a bad weekend day all round for the Brits.

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Most nationals used to have dedicated rugby league writers like Brian Batty on the Mail and Alan Thomas on the Express.

They still struggled to make back page but at least they were interested - and the ruling body are still thinkingt of world domination and spreading the gospel - with the full backing of the major media outlets (and that means more than just Sky and the BBC for the challenge cup) they haven't got a hope.

London have always struggled because they get very little media coverage in the big city! :roll:

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Geoff - yes it was an absorbing New York Marathon but suspect that Gary and some of our other posters who have no time for Athletics missed the titanic struggle for first place. Words of caution though - Paula was only a second faster than winning same event 3 years ago and I did not expect her opponent to have the legs for a final sprint after only 5 weeks since another top class run in the Berlin Marathon. Just hoping Paula can adapt to temperatures and pollution in Beijing.



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Originally posted by Eagle:

Add Joe Calzaghe to the list. :)

I was listening to the radio five live yesterday morning and he was getting loads of support for the Sport's Personality of the Year. He's undefeated for 10 years.


As for Paula agree with you Pedro and what's more she's said that she wants to run the London Olympic Marathon in 2012. She showed great determination yesterday just wish I'd had her guts, she beat my pb by 19 minutes.


Just remind me again what your time was, as you were very swift in your day. 8)

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