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un broken spirit - Poem for Forced Marriage play


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This is a poem that I have written for the Forced marriage play I have written.


This is scene to set the setting for the context


Its late at night Jasmine going into her room light at night, dark room, light shining

in, the moon :The darkness around her illustrates the subduded mood and the feeling in her life,

and the moonlight reflects the hope that?s shining in her and the dreams she has.

Jasmine standing up, walking around then sitting down to write her diaries,


Grabs the paper, looks out at her window, and starts writing, as she writes speaks it so that the the audience know her thoughts,

It gives a deep insight into her personal feelings this is only space she has as her own, a piece of her that no one can take away.





As they try to drag me

into dark of night

to break me where I cannot breath

try as they may


theres nothing they cant ever take away

No matter what they say,

Because Im a dreamer,

an un broken spirit


I bare my soul

with no fear

More than ever i see the dawn of day

For When I close my eyes

Im strong I see the day where going to be free

this the eternal right

To live my life

to stand Free and bold, no more tears Of pain

To be the person I want to be


I will be free, this is me

Hope and dreams is all I ever see

Dont they know they cant break

who I am

the unbroken spirit

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