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Hard luck Everton..


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you should have lost 3-1 - the ball did cross the line.


The television pictures didn't bear that out - they proved that most of the ball crossed the line, but didn't prove conclusively that all of it did. Besides, it wasn't as if Chelsea were complaining that it should have been a goal at the time - I'm not sure anyone thought it should have been until they say the replay!


The one consolation is that it wasn't Everton's best XI out there, with Yakubu, Arteta and Jagielka all out injured. Imagine Chelsea playing without Drogba, Lampard and Terry. Hopefully the team can take the disappointment of losing out this time and let it drive them to greater heights next year. COYB!

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Gary, don't tell us that you found time to watch this pooless game.


No I didn't just winding my Everton friends up! :roll::wink:

Saw the last bit while getting ready to watch the mighty Wire in the Challenge Cup.

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The better team won but the ref was a touch selective in his brandishing of yellow cards. Essian's scything tackle with both feet off the ground could have earned a red in different circumstances but England's "best referee" didn't even give a yellow.

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