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Fish and Chip Shops


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The little wooden hut just by the northern end of the cantelever bridge.


Huge fish!!!



Used to my fav, go all the way across town to get mt F&C from them, but last two or three times there standards have not been so good


I have to agree with you Skittles.

I have actually stopped using it because the last few times the chips were raw and the fish soggy! :cry:

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I'm afraid anyone who sings the praises of fish and chips from a "chippy" these days is either too young to remember what they used to be like or has a short memory.

If I wanted decent fish and chips these days I would probably go for a barmeal at a pub - particularly The Barn Owl at Lymm or the Bear's Paw at High Legh. You pay more, of course, but the quality is worth paying for.

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That and exercise. People were more energetic and had healthier lifestyles. Most things were fairly local, and cars were a rarity, so walking was the order of the day.

You would go to the seaside to swim and play games on the beach. Now people go there to booze and eat fatty foods and slob about. :roll:

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