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Love it.


I use this stuff:- Very Lazy Garlic


Just under ?1:50 from Tesco, also available in 1Kg jars dirt cheap from Costco.


Keeps forever and saves peeling/chopping cloves - I reckon it works out cheaper than having cloves in all the time and ending up throwing some away.


Only downside is that since it's preserved in vinegar you do get quite a strong, eye-stinging, smell coming off as it hits the pan. Doesn't seem to affect the taste of the finished dish, though.

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Couldn't find these "tubes" in the S/market today; the assistant said they'd been discontinued - can't believe it. :?:shock:


She/he's having you on Obs.


I saw some tubes of it yesterday. Did the assistant you asked have a pale complexion and sharp teeth :shock::lol:

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Have you ever tried making your own garlic paste?


Bake whole bulbs (unpeeled) gas mark 6. until garlic feels soft inside crisp skins, then seperate the cloves, snip edge of cloves and squeeze out the paste. Georgeous spread on french bread!

When baked it's not as sharp tasting.

Elephant garlic is even sweeter and creamier!

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Sha is right, when you roast it or par boil it takes away any harsh biterness some don't like and add if you add it to mash tis rather yummy.


One thing that's always puzzled me, why do people say "have you been eating garlic?" when they know you have as its a quite obvious smell and often treat you as though you've committed a crime such as hurting a small animal? :shock: Bad breath is a very different matter but no one says to people " have you got a gum infection?" or "couldn't you be bothered to brush your teeth today then?". Its daft.


Anyways - apparently chewing fresh parsely helps..... garlic that is, I'm not suggesting it is a replacement for not taking care of your oral hygiene :roll:

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I have just been told, and cannot speak for the accuracy of it yet, that if you eat a raw mushroom, it removes the smell from your breath. I doubt it stops the smell the next day, cos that's all about the garlic getting into your bloodstream and making its way to your lungs.... but either way, a raw mushroom won't hurt you!!


I love garlic. I think onion breath is way worse. Having said that, if I have over-indulged, I reach for the breath mints! :lol:

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