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I had the need to go to Gatewarth tip earlier today to dispose of some excess rubbish. I duly put the old clothes, cardboard, glass and such like in their respective recepticles and then went to dispose of some bags of general rubbish.


To my suprise there were 4 of the guys in Hi Viz orange jackets who work there pulling black bin sacks out of the skips and ripping them open to go through the rubbish therein. On lad had a few CD's and phone charger on the side ready to take away and probably sell on EBay.


Now my question is this, are they allowed to go through bags like this once they have been disopsed of? as surely there could be all sorts of things that people have deliberately put into black bags to be discreetly disposed of. Things like old undies and photos etc....


I felt a little uncomfortable by it.....

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I'm sure I'd heard that the guys at Woolston tip pay the council a serious amount of money for the privilege of running the place, and then try and make it back from what they can salvage.


I think there was even a TV programme about them a couple of years ago.


As obs says, that's recycling for you.

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I'd be happy for any tip worker to look through my rubbish and retrieve anything that they thought was worth recycling (although I usually seperate it in the first place :wink: ).


Can't say I'd particularly want to do a similar thing myself just incase I came across your undies BazJ. :P .... and WHY would you throw old photo's on the tip :cry:


As kids many of our bikes etc came from the local tip thanks to a very friendly and thoughtful tip worker :D

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