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name that tune in six

Evil Sid

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Name that tune


The following are the first six words from songs. Can you name the songs and the singer??


1. ?the old home town looks the?

2. ?Just a castaway, an island lost?

3. ?step off the train, all alone?

4. ?out on the wily, windy moors?

5. ?You only see what your eyes?

6. ?mama take this badge off of?

7. ?dirty old river, must you keep?

8. ?he?s chosen my attic, I feel?

9. ?we skipped the light fandango, turned?

10. ?my teas gone cold, I?m wondering?

11. ?sometimes late at night I lie?

12. ?life is a mystery, everyone must?

13. ?go on, go on leave me?

14. ?what about sunrise, what about rain?

15. ?bam ba-bam, ding, ding, ding, ding?

16. ?you?ll remember me, when the west?



Hi Ho Google Awaaaaay


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...... I haven't googled cos that spoils it :P but I think I know some of them :?


2 message in a bottle (The Police)


4 wuthering heights (Kate Bush)


6 knocking on heavens door (bloke with miserable voice)


14 can't remember song title but Michael Jackson sang it


15 is it the giddy green frog with the glasses and bikers jacket


16. fields of gold (Eva Cassidy and Sting did it too)

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answers that i have.


1. Green green grass of home. Tom Jones

2. Message in a bottle. Police

3. Do you know what I mean. Oasis

4. Wuthering heights. Kate Bush

5. Frozen. Madonna

6. Knockin on heavens door. Bob Dylan

7. Waterloo sunset. The Kinks

8. Radio. Robbie Williams

9. Whiter shade of pale. Procul Harum

10. Stan. Eminem

11. If tomorrow never comes. Ronan Keating

12. Like a prayer. Madonna

13. Breathless. The Corrs

14. Earth song. Michael Jackson

15. Axel F. crazy Frog

16. Fields of gold. Sting( been much better versions done than this one, but that is just my opinion)



well done all those who had a go and got them right. new quiz later.

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