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Holiday in Warrington anyone?


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It would be a great place to stay on a visit to the UK. There are some fine hotels in and around town. Wally Gardens, Golden Square, nice walks and pubs to visit. Then within a hour, you have forests, beaches, hills, massive shopping centres, fun pools, museums, theme parks, best zoo in the UK, sporting events, London with 2 and a half hours etc etc

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Looks like I?ve well and truly hijacked my own original post but what the heck.


What I was trying to suggest was basically a way of opening the door a bit wider onto the forum in the hope of attracting some new input and fresh thinking. The comments added on the news pages by and large seem perfectly acceptable to me and ok, you do get hit and run merchants but they?re unlikely to want to join into a real discussion anyway.


There?s a simple way this could be done provided someone?s prepared to make just a little effort.


(1) At the bottom of all your articles, you insert a footnote that reads

?Comments here may be transferred to our discussion forum?


(2) Any genuine comment is cut and pasted into the new section under an appropriate heading


(3) Then you insert after your footnote a "Read More? hyperlink directly to the new thread.


This is exactly what I do on other forums and it works perfectly and in any case your only going to be spending a couple of minutes two or three times a week which I?m sure even you can fit into your busy schedule.


I?ll do my half to demonstrate but obviously I can?t hyperlink from your news page as you can.




Well I have done it on one story today - lets see what happens

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