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Interesting Horizon prog, presented by Michael Portillo, last night: analysing the causes of violent behaviour in humans. :shock: Seems we are all hard wired for aggression and violence, part of our primeval survival mechanisms, and it seems we can enjoy inflicting pain on others, the process producing the release of dopamine in the brain, thus giving a feeling of pleasure - scary? :shock: The development of the pre-frontal cortex in the brain through learnt behaviour, can inhibit such aggression and allow the exercise of self-control. :? However, damage to this area of the brain, through accident, ageing or drugs; can negate self control, releasing un-controlled aggression. :shock: What was really scary, was the experiment in peoples readiness to inflict pain on others, in response to the encouragement of an Authority figure: over 60% of people were prepared to inflict up to a 450V electric shock on another person during the experiment; which explains the Holocaust, subsequent genocides, wars and the preparedness to use nuclear weapons. :shock: So where does that leave us, and how do we control it? :?

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