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know your musicals?

Evil Sid

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Songs from film and shows


1. ?Raindrops keep falling on my head? comes form which film starring Robert Redford and Paul Newman?

2. ?Bali ha?I? comes from which film?

3. ?Take my breath away? was featured in which 1986 film starring Tom Cruise?

4. Which song by Art Garfunkel featured in ?Watership Down??

5. ?Don?t cry for me Argentina? comes from which show?

6. ?Love changes everything? comes from which show?

7. Which James Bond film featured ?all the time in the world??

8. Which film featured ?staying alive? by the Bee Gees?

9. The song ?hopelessly devoted to you? comes from which film?

10. ?all I ask of you? and ?think of me? are songs from which show?

11. Who wrote the music to ?starlight express?, a play based on the novel ?a prisoner in fairyland? by Algernon Blackwood, and first performed in 1915?

12. In which film did Clint Eastwood ?talk to the trees??

13. ?the journey to the heavyside layer? comes from which musical?

14. Who wrote the songs for ?Oklahoma??

15. Which show featured songs written by Leonard Bernstein, including ?Ohio? and ?a little bit in love??

16. Which film of 1953 featured ?secret love?, which won best song Oscar?

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1. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

2. South Pacific

3. Top Gun

4. Bright eyes

5. Evita

6. Aspects of love

7. On her majesty?s secret service

8. Saturday night fever

9. Grease

10. Phantom of the Opera

11. Sir Edward Elgar

12. Paint your wagon

13. Cats

14. Rodgers and Hammerstein

15. Wonderful town

16. Calamity jane.



well done to all those who got a right answer, a new quiz later on when i get chance to sort one out.

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