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Poster's gathering.

Peter T

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On Saturday the 23rd of May, there will be a get together at Warrington Town Sports and Social Club.

All are welcome, husbands/wives/partners/unattached etc.


It is an opportunity to collar the admin. team and meet Steve the Original and his lovely wife Suzanne.


Anyone who is coming to the event, please say so, as we need to know how many to cater for. (ie sausage on a stick).


I will post the time a bit nearer to the date, but probably 7-7.30pm.


Even handy for those posters who live in Grappenhall/St.Heath and Appleton. :wink:

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Can i come???


by The way its Susanne with an S not a Z she?s quite particular about that :P


she will wear her long leather coat and jackboots if your not carefull... :shock::shock:





I'm counting on it, hence the deliberate "faux pas". :lol:

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yes i will be comeing peter if only to bend your ear and tara may come if she gets the night off work and i am sure bill will if he not busy so that 5 more pies tara and bill can order there own pies .lol


peter watch this ........"hoy gary want to buy a bags of crips for this party"?..............watch" i am sorry cant not make that night" .......lol


love to see ste and family again looking forward to it

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Tell you what though Steve, you're lucky I even noticed this because with so many different sections these days this is one I rarely bother looking in and I suspect that's the case with a few others! :oops:


Bill :)


Surely you use the "posts since your last visit" facility instead of trawling through all the sections? :?

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