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Was it worth it?


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Simple answer. NO!!!!

We went from on the periphery to a main player and thus a target for extremists/fanatics.


And the Iraqi's should be asked are they any better off now that there is no one keeping order.

Will it become another ethnic war like Yugoslavia, and the West have to go back in?


And those who got us involved with doctored information, should be punished.

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Well we agree on that one Pierre! :wink: Pre-invasion; there were no terrorists in Iraq (if we discount Saddam!); now it's full of competing factions ripe for (as you say) a civil war following the US withdrawal. It has strengthened anti-US/UK sentiments throughout the Arab world, acting as a rallying cry for muslim extremists and strengthened the influence of Iran in the region. :shock: No doubt (as we said at the beginning of this venture); The outcome will probably see the Country break down into it's three ethnic constituencies: the Kurds in the north - providing the potential for friction with Turkey; the Sunnis in the centre - funded by the Saudis; and the Militias in the south - falling into the sphere of influence of Iran. :cry: Not sure we'll have the will or resources to ever intervene in the same way again. :?

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The reality Pierre, is that the vast majority of folk never have to use the services of a Councillor; indeed, it's a sign of a good Council if their concerns/problems can be dealt with by Council systems and staff. :roll::wink: Not sure what the Common Agricultural Policy has to do with this?! :wink:

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