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Tripe of the week Award


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Isn't it just nauseating how much misleading information, half truths, fabrications etc. are fed to us each week by careerist politicians?


How about nominating some of the most sickening for a

Tripe Of The Week Award?


The most obvious nomination for this week I think must be;

Jo Crotty's claim that the decision to axe the Titon Prisons was

"a victory to all who added a voice to our campaign"

(nothing to do with lack of funding due to the effects of the credit crunch then?)


Another I would nominate would be Sheila Woodyatt's remarks regarding a consultation on the plans to close Longbarn Primary school.

(a decision on which other councillors have suggested is a 'done deal'.)


"The executive board does need to consider whether this school should close" she said.

"This is democracy in action. The executive board will listen to everyone's views before it makes any decision."


Heard that one before! :roll::roll::roll:


Anyone got any other nominations for this week? :lol::lol::lol:

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At first I was confused - then I realised you meant me! :shock:


You have assumed that because I haven't included any NuLab gaffes in my nominations that I am a NuLab!

Sorry Obs, your observations are wrong! :D

The omission was merely because I've not spotted any gaffes by that lot yet - but when I do I'll include them!

(The biggest gaffe nationally has of course been the budget that will probably see NuLab out of office, but I didn't include this as I meant this thread to be about local issues).


If you were interested to know whether I supported any political party, you could have just asked me! :D

I am not a member/supporter of any political party. On a national level I think all three major parties are useless, on a local level they are all following the same sad agenda! :roll:


Now can we get back to the nominations! :D:D:D

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No Baz J, I wasn't joking.

I just really haven't spotted any in any local news sources this week. If you've spotted some good ones can you post them.

I't not going to be much of a competition if there's only two nominees! So the more contributions the better. :lol::lol::lol:

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