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Susan Boyle's Got Talent


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According to my personal computer news posts, she's a 47 year old woman in Scotland who is rather 'plain' looking, and has never been kissed. She blew Simon Cowell and the audience away on a recent "Britain's Got Talent" TV broadcast. She does have a remarkably beautiful singing voice that has been limited to her church. Very angelic, I would say from the bit I saw in the news.


I don't know why Celine Dion irritates me.


I lost interest in viewing the garage band hypes on the Music thread. Hope I haven't missed any good reviews.

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Dis! What a super nice thing to post! I hadn't heard all of the song from Les Miserables, just a bit in the news report. And of course I didn't get to see the (?) Greek Cypriot Britains act. I think your tongue was in your cheek re:' they might beat Miss Boyle', since they could be a 'one trick pony' and Miss Boyle may be able to show a wider repertoire of talent, but I enjoyed seeing their version of the Lord of the Dance's Riverdance. Aww. I spoiled it for anyone who now tunes to your latter URL. I was primed for a true Greek men's dance -- love to watch it.

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She blew Simon Cowell and the audience away


I wish SOMEONE would blow Simon Cowell away. He's nearly as objectionable as Jonathon....er, what was his name?


But, notwithstanding Susan Boyle, if you want to see British talent, Jerry, avoid Britain's Got Talent.


There are hundreds, if not thousands, of people with beautiful voices singing in church choirs (in the US as well as in Britain) but they have more sense than to go on a TV talent show.

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I agree with your premise re: the good singers are not on this variety TV crowd pleaser, but in my case, I only see the cherry picked creme de la cheese via YouTube inserted on my PC by my grandson. And this Scottish lady was astonishing and the Greek father-son dancers were entertaining.

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See Ms Boyle is now threatening to quit the show just before Saturday's final as she can't stand the pressure :roll: At least it's keeping her in the headlines though :wink:


Her Les Mis audition song was brilliant but it's gone down hill from there and she's starting to get on my nerves. :roll:


So who is your favourite to win :lol::lol:

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Re: talent and crowd pleasing: my grandson copied a youtube or something with a singer called VITAS. None of it is in English, and the clip has Chinese characters all over it. One of his songs seems to be in Russian. The magilla is when his voice jumps upward a half dozen registers or so. Something like Yma Sumac. Mark my words - you will be hearing from this young man.


YouTube - Vitas / Витас - Без Тебя ( Without you )

Vitas - Without you. Chinese transted by Yaojee.** 没有你度日如同度年 一瞬间就像漫长的一天 没有你 世界没有歌声 丁香也变得愁眉不展** 没有你 花园变得荒芜 三角 ...

tr.youtube.com/watch?v=FQBjFNKzS6s - 97k -


3 min 48 sec - Mar 31, 2006 -


Rated 4.9 out of 5.0


Vitas - Lucia Di Lammermoorr (il dolce suono) .... Join YouTube for a free account, or sign in if you are already a member. ...



Wait a minute! Waaaiiiiitttttt!!!! The Commies might have enhanced his natural born vocal chords with some experiments with living tisssssyou. Maybe.

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Judge ye not, lest thee be judged.


This isn't the USA!!! Did you say the same when Aled Jones became famous????

I am not saying that I agree, but if the talent is there, how do you promote it? and there again, if these youngsters were fronting a choir or a school gig, would the same comment be made? :wink:

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As I said, I don't disagree.

Perhaps there should be a stated age "before" youngsters could go on stage like that.

Although it would make it difficult for child stars or kids doing adverts.

Sadly, kids and parents see this type of show as fast-tracking to fame and fortune, encouraged by the comments like, "I bet you have become famous where you live". :roll:

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Isn't this type of "dream" all that most kid's (and pushy parents) heads are full of nowadays- wannabee foot-ballers, pop-idols etc; all with inflated opinions about their own abilities - such is the superficial nature of modern society. :?:roll:


Sad fact of life nowadays when you ask a child what they want to be when they grow up - rich and famous! :cry:

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