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"Quick Bob, cover up that secret document"!!


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What a complete and utter numpty Bob Quick has shown himself to be.


The idiot has been photographed getting out of a car outside Downing Street holding a top secret file for all the world to see. Detailing terrorist suspects, names and potential targets; it has meant that operations have been brought forward with arrests in the North West......


This was the same prat who sent in 20 anti terrorist cops into Damian Greens office inside Parliament with no warrant.


The man should not be in his job by lunchtime tomorrow

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er if it is a top secret document how do they know what was in it. it could have been the recipe for special fried rice for all anybody knows.


this then begs the question if it has been leaked then who leaked it and why are they not being prosecuted under the official secrets act? :wink:

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Exactly right Sid.


Begs the question as to who?s the most irresponsible, Bob Quick or the press.


I think the question that should be being asked is why the powers that be feel it necessary to compromise an entire security operation just because of the action of one press photographer.


I think you have to keep things in perspective here because while it?s normal for press photographers to hang about the gates of Downing Street all day in the hope of getting such a scoop picture, I seriously doubt that would-be terrorists would be able to.


Bill :)

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He should be prosecuted.... without a doubt and I would imagine that any official document with "top secret" on it would be a bit of a giveaway and covered by the official secrets act!


Another case of us now paying a pension to someone who has totally failed to do the job he was being overpaid to be doing in the first place.... ah public sector pensions.... don't you just love 'em??!!

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The man was embroiled in a bit of a to do with a national newspaper about the wedding car hire business he runs from his house.


He has a stable of cars that would probably stand in the books at well over ?100,000.


This is run by Judith his wife, who shares her cars, her house (where she runs this business from) and her life with Commander Bob Quick the bovine Chief terrorist at the Metropolitan Police.


When the Mail on Sunday disclosed details of this service - which they say uses ex police drivers , Bob was Quick off the mark (geddit QUICK off the mark !!) and called the Press Association :




" (This) is an attempt to undermine an investigation which is legitimate. The Tory machinery and their press friends are mobilised against this investigation in a wholly corrupt way, and I feel very disappointed in the country I am living in."



A couple of hours later the Conservative party issued this statement in reply:


"The Conservative Party played no part whatsoever in the publication of this story. Assistant Commissioner Quick's claims of corruption and intimidation are absurd and wholly untrue. "


A few minutes later Mr Quick issues this statement:


"I regret and wish to retract my comment regarding corruption. The comment was made as I was in the act of having to move my family out of our home to a place of safety following the article in today's Mail on Sunday."


What a prat!

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Daily Mail:


It emerged today that former Former Assistant Commissioner Quick, 49, will keep his generous final salary pension, and could now find work advising the private and public sectors on security.


His expertise would make him a valuable consultant to the organisers of the 2012 London Olympics.

Another source of income will be the luxury car hire firm run by his wife Judith from their large home in Surrey.


Mr Quick joined the Metropolitan Police in 1978 and has completed the 30 years of police service required for entitlement to his full pension, the Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA) confirmed.


He was appointed as the Met's Assistant Commissioner in charge of specialist operations in February 2008 on an annual salary of ?168,006 plus benefits.


The current salary for an Assistant Commissioner is in the region of ?172,000, according to the MPA.


Police officers who have completed 30 years of service can retire with a pension for life of two-thirds of their final salary - more than ?114,000 a year in Mr Quick's case.


Employment lawyers said the police pension scheme was 'very good' and noted that two-thirds is as high as final salary schemes generally get.

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A bit of balance is perhaps called for. Firstly, what is wrong with his wife running a business? Why shouldn,t he draw a pension? He is perfectly entitled to it, as is any serving police officer.

Police have been entering premises - with permission - since the year dot. A warrant is perhaps best, but often one is obtained only when entry is refused or likely to be denied.

Yes., he made a mistake by flashing his action sheet - not helped by the press ballooning the incident and magnifying the print.


I guess the guy was under intense pressure and he made a mistake. Let,s see if his good work has prevented many innocent people being blown up.


Happy days

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