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No quick fix for Wolves


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He's a canny operator is Mr Smith...very selective in what he wants to say. I've every confidence in him though, he's a plain talker and uses words we all understand and have heard of, unlike a more recent holder of the post who could talk the skin off an orange. I hope he's in sole charge of the hiring and firing of players which I imagine he is. He's one of the games top coaches and I think he wouldn't tolerate any meddling in the playing roster. A certain majority shareholder of the club should stay away from this summer's cricket Test Matches, we don't want our eyes wiped by spiv agents of dud Oz players..we got two too many of those already who we could well do without.

Onward and upward !!

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Excellent game today at the Willows.... I won ?60.00 backing Salford to win.... well you wouldn't back Warrington would you??!!

Not a very positive opinion.

More of a boring gloat


Did you even go to the game :roll:


I would say that he seems to have a very positive opinion, had he backed Warrington he would have lost his money. Well done Baz, nice bet. :D

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