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I see the chap that died of a heart attack at the protest sites in london last week was pushed over by one of the riot cops even though he apparently was a worker going home after selling papers on a station.


The Police denied that he had come into contact with any officers (despite there being rumours to the contrary). Suddenly, up pops a video on the Guardian website showing the guy being battoned from behind and then pushed over by one of the riot Stasi


The riot cops seem to have a cover over the bottom part of their faces under their helmets (which will no doubt be used to announce that they can't identify the officer involved!!) and do nothing to help the man and even told the press afterwards that the protesters impeded the ambulance crew that was called to help him... (remember all the same kind of lies after Hillsborough?)


The Police now accept that the video shows what happened but have criticised the Guardian for posting it..... what they mean is that if the Guardian had handed it over first, they could have destroyed the evidence and denied everything..... or am I being cynical?

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