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BUS/TAXI only in Bridge St -NOT today

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I thought that Bridge Street was Bus and Taxi only - however tonight during rush hour loads of cars were using it as a short cut to by-pass the traffic jam and get to Mersey Street.


Does this always happen around 5:30pm?


A traffic warden would have a field day and make loads of dosh.

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Don't traffic wardens knock off at 4:30 like the rest of our public servants? (ducks and runs for life :lol::lol::lol::lol: )

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Warrington's always a pain at rush hour.


Problem with Bridge Street is that if you go along the one way systems in Sankey, Suez, Cairo, Ryland, Egypt Street etc they tend to lead you towards Bridge Street :shock:


Same happens as if you go along Friars Gate to where it joins with lower Bridge Street as you can't then go ahead into Academy Way as that's one way in the opposite direction :? so the only alternative to those who are then lost :wink: is to either turn around.. which is difficult due to the one way streets already mentioned or to take their chance driving down the tiny bit of Bridge Street.


Of course you can still go down Bridge Street if you are visiting the Guardian Offices or perhaps intending on purchase a heavy object from one of the closed down shops :?:lol::wink:


How's your nose by the way :D:lol:

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Didn't hear any sirons but it was 5.45pm when I was trying to get trhough there. Traffic was bad but no worse than usual at that time.


Local radio station did mention a multi vehicle pile-up on one of the motorways though I don't remember which one it said but sure it said Queensferry... so not that local but I could have heard it wrong :oops:

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