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Note the difference.

Peter T

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Gerrard and Carragher have both signed a new 4 year deal.


Gerrard gets ?120,000 a week, and

Carragher gets around ?80'000 a week.


What do people think?


Seems a hell of a gap, considering the value to the team of both men, and what sort of an incentive does that give to Carragher? :confused:

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Would any club in the world pay over ?20 million for Carragher - I think the answer is no!

Would anyone pay over ?20 million for Gerrad - err yes - hence the difference in the pay packet.

Quite logical really.

Why does Ferdinand get ?120,000 a week (and has done for some time) when Wes Brown is probably only on half that! :o


[ 05.06.2007, 14:00: Message edited by: Gary ]

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Ferdinand is a better player than Brown who has lost his edge.And Brown is no longer first choice any more.

But he is the mainstay of United's defence as Carragher is for L'pool.


I could understand if it was 20 grand difference as the yearly salary would show the difference.

I would also suggest that the team would function without Gerrard better than without Carragher.


When Ferdinand had his ban, United really struggled.

At the end of the day, differentials should be fairly close to maintain team spirit.

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....you are right, remember the addage, how do you make a small fortune in football, start with a large one. Personally I'm not against high salaries.....properly taxed etc, but I do question whether paying ever higher salaries improves player's performance. Does the money they are currently paid include a substantial performance related element.....as it does....or should do, in many other jobs.


Maybe political parties should employ football agents, as they certainly know how to "hype the market". :D

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