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(disclosure) I dislike that TV show "Who Wants to be.." I dislike that director, Danny Boyle's frantic style of cutting and angling, I dislike stories that set us up with deserving, appealing characters and then reward them with fictional dollars or cinderella happy endings. I dislike the 'music' from the film that my grandson plays in our auto or rec room.


OK, he got the DVD and we watched it together. I understand how upper class Hindu Indians might take offense, but the actors were just too ingratiating. Dev Patel and Freida Pinto were just too charming and irresistible. Patel reminds me of our Shia LeBeuf in his innocent young man pose. In retrospect I'm happy the picture got the Oscar and the young cast members got a trip to Hollywood. I assume Dev did not collect the 20,000,000 rupees of the fictional story. So they got something. I got to see some scenery and situations that raised my consciousness.

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Jerry I saw the film the other week and really enjoyed it.


Having worked alongside many Indian colleagues for the last ten years I could relate to many of their mannerism, behaviour, sense of humour etc.


The pace of the film was great and the dancing at the end when they rolled the credits kept everyone glued to their seats.


Well worth a viewing and hopefully has raised people?s consciousness in several ways.

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If you were keeping your eye on the job the nicely trimmed bush wouldn't have turned into tree. :oops: But you write about trees, you certainly have my admoration :wink: Did you get to the concert at the MEN last month and get a backdoor pass to the Pusscat Dolls concert? You did you old sea dog you... better stop there Jerry will be dead jealous:?



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