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North Sea Tragedy


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just a couple of weeks after a ditching that 18 were very lucky to get away from, we have a true tragedy as 16 are lost at sea in another helicopter crash.


This one, unlike the first though seems to have been mechanical failure, was close to the rig and apparently dropped like a stone according to some guys who were on the rig.


A very very sad day, not on Piper alpha scale, but a reminder of just how dangerous the oil game is, and that so many take for granted. :cry:

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:cry: Like you say it's very very sad.


On the news yesterday it mentioned the number of people who actually work at sea on the oil rigs and the like.. it was about 16,000 if my memory serves me right.


These people are apparently risking their lives day in day out just for us (and of course for the companies who rake in the profits) :cry:

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