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HELP for a Newbie


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As your probably all aware I`m a recently new contributor to the forum.

I`m in need of some advice in using the PM service as I am obviously doing something wrong.

I have received and succesfully sent PM`s up until lunch time yesterday but now find whenever I try to send a PM instead of it being sent and recorded as sent in my `Sent Box` it does not get despatched and ends up in my `Outbox`.

I`ve tried various ways i.e. replying to an existing PM, by clicking `New Post` and searching for a member and finally clicking on the PM icon of a member within a discussion forum. Each way when clicking the `Submit`button they all end up in my `Outbox`.

Any advice greatly appreciated.



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Hi Gary,

Got your PM and the one I sent you has now gone out of my `Outbox` and appeared in my `Sentbox`, can only assume its some sort of holding function till its available to send the PM.

I noticed the memory capacity for PM useage but I`m no where near that capacity.

I tried sending one to you yesterday about 2.00pm and noticed it was stilll in my `Outbox` at 7.00pm last night so thought they were failed PM`s. That prompted my concern as to whether I was doing it right.

Thanks for help.


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Is it not the case that it sits in your outbox until the other person logs on?


I think that's how private mail works i.e. it doesn't send it over the Internet, the message never even leaves the forum's server.


Bill :)


Thanks Bill, that would explain it.

Ian :)

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