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Warrington fashion


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Hey everyone


not to be outdone by the likes of Liverpool and Manchester, Warrington is holding its very own fashion week this summer


I am doing a series of short films to help launch Warrington fashion week which will be shown on big screens at golden square


basically I am looking for anyone interested in fashion, or anyone that has any views on fashion, in Warrington in particular


A few of the films are already in progression however if anyone has any great ideas, or anything they really want to say about fashion in Warrington this would be a great opportunity


If you are interested in being involved in any capacity you can send me a message on here or email me at andyk1405@aol.com




Andy :D

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If you need a good example of how not to dress then email me, I?m your man. :wink:


A good idea might be to have a short section for the ladies entitled on ?How to choose a pullover for your husband!? :lol:


Or even an educational one explaining to the fashion illiterate why labels on underpants must now be on the front rather than the back and on the outside rather than inside.


And while your at it, you could also explain why my jumpers have stitched patterns on the inside but totally plain on the outside.


Anyway, seriously good luck with the filming and hope it all goes well for you.


Bill :)

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Well fashion in Warrington is a bit one way at the moment.... for the ladies there is the on show "benefits bump" and obligatory fag as modelled by Candice




and for the gentlemen; the "tracky" white sports shoes. Some like to top it off with the baseball cap; which must be worn at a slightly jaunty angle, just like this young chap.




See also how Kyle is generously sharing his bottle of "diamond white" with his friends, Dwayne and Christiano....innit?

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Can someone please tell the young lads who wear their jeans so low these days that most of their undies are showing and the crotch of their jeans are nearer their knees THAT THEY LOOK COMPLETELY DEFORMED AND ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS. :lol::lol:

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