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Does any one remember the small zoo next to the Town Hall ?

and the monkey house that was there i think it was near where the bowling green pavillion is now .

Well apparently when the monkeys and some of the other creatures eventually passed away the powers that be decided that it would be a good idea to have the poor mites stuffed ! :(

Well, there is to be an exhibition of these poor unfortunate creatures at the local museum. It begins next Wednesday and will be for just the day. Entry is free. Its not something that i will support but theres "nowt as queer as folk "

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was always a highlight of a trip to town when i was younger to walk through and stare at the animals.


I used to do the same Sid and I still do, only now we go and stare at the chavs and hoodies that seem to populate the town centre these days...... much more fun to watch than a few birds!! :lol:

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