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Flu jabs - working this Year?

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Normally my flu jab works a treat but this year it's failed miserably twice!!


Is it just me being a feeble MAN with MAN flu or are there tough new strains going around Warrington?


The latest one grabbed me by the throat and stomach on Friday evening when I was watching a play. I felt really warm but didn?t appear to have a temperature and I just prevented myself from being sick during the performance.


We went to the car and my wife asked me if I was okay to drive her home but I went into an uncontrollable shake for a good ten minutes and it wasn't even cold.


I crawled into and stayed in bed for 60 hours, taking as many pills as I could get my hands on to no effect, nose and eyes like waterfalls and itchy.


Anyway I'm now onto the green stuff and wheezing like an old set of bag pipes.


Has anyone else had this strain?


If so what come next, I can?t wait? :roll:





It must be Man Flu as my wife says that I'm blowing my nose just for show....QED

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Obviously you are fit and well and under fifty :D


Oh I forgot the coughing fits when your eye balls pop out into your cornflakes and look a bit like melon balls... I think I'd better stop now :wink: except to say that I'm staving the flu and google recommends onion soup... yummy plus I've lost weight so there is a positive side to illness, it just doesn't feel like it.

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don't forget the sore ribs for the next week or so from all the coughing and the feeling that you have been the ball in a very long scrum and had a good kicking. it is the uncontrollable shivering at the slightest change of temperature that used to get me, teeth sounded like castanets most of the time.

i did have the flu jab and only had the symptoms for a week but it seemed more like five years at the time. :cry::(

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