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Home truths for Gordon


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And I suppose you'll be voting for Nick Griffin in the coming European elections as well. As they both seem to share the BNP agenda.


If only the electors had turned out in force this guy wouldn't have stood a chance.


I just hope that the electorate are a bit more aware in the North West otherwise come June 5th they will be waking up to not only a Right wing Tory, who even the Tories aren't sure about, including Mr Cameron but something far worse. :twisted:

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who the hell do you think you are to dictate who we should or should not vote for? I won't be voting for the BNP under any circumstances but believe me I would have even less inclination to vote for the Labour or Lib-Dems.


This is a democratic country and it is still not illegal to vote for a legal political party regardless of what you may think about the members or the partys views and policys.


The Labour party has all but destroyed this country over the past 12 years and the Lib Dems would have handed the whole shooting match over to Europe even quicker. The Torys too are a pro Euro party which will not be getting my vote either. If the UKIP put a candidate up around here he will definately get my vote


So keep your dictatorial veiws to yourself as I still have the right to vote for whoever I want to vote for..... even if you don't like that right Geoff

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Well when the other political parties start using threatening behaviour towards me I will be treating them in the same fashion as the BNP and I will exercise my right to do so. Fortunately I know where the current culprit lives so I can keep a close eye on him.


I don't think that I have been dictorial towards you at all, you have expressed your view and I have expressed mine.


Nothing wrong in that is there?

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No it was him stalking me in his black car that started drew my attention to him, plus the V sign, revving engine, screech of tyres.


He keeps a low profile. :wink:


The day before I had been delivering leaflets and a colleague had told me that he had been singing BNP songs :( as they left his driveway.


Should be an interesting campaign, I'm used to the attention and insults from LIB/Dems friends but I think that this charcter might want to up the anti, who knows it might simply blow over.

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I can tell you now why rational people would vote for the BNP;


* because this country has seen a massive rise in immigration under Labour which most people don't agree with.


* Despite what most of the namby pambys would like you to believe, it doesn't make you a racist to think that there are too many easy ways that foreigners get into the country


* Because the press make it a point to show up the failings in a benefits system that will pay the rent in a million pound house for an Afghan single parent immigrant and her 5 kids, but the same system will jail a decorated WW2 hero for non payment of Poll Tax


* Most people in the country do not want to be part of a massive federal European State and most of the politicians do want us to be part of such a state; which is why they have to push through the legislation in underhanded ways because otherwise they would be defeated (as in Ireland)


* The only other party with a true anti-european agenda is UKIP and they are even more of a lost cause than the Lib Dems


* The BNP will pray on all of the fears of voters and will highlight all of the above..... and that is why people will vote for them; because the three "main" parties are all angling for the centre ground rather than the traditional left, right and centre


It isn't rocket science to see that Sgt, which is why a lot of people who do not consider themselves to be racist will be quietly agreeing with more and more policies of the BNP.... that is when the dangers start because the main parties don't offer the voters what they really want for fear of upsetting the chattering liberal classes that are now running this country

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Britannia Uber Alles :!::twisted:


You see Sgt, that is why people are turning to vote for the BNP and their sort, because the likes of you and the parties you vote for have no solid answers to the many questions that are being asked about Europe and immigration. Those in authority like to brush it under the "racist" carpet, when in fact it isn't racism that drives many people to have worries and concerns; it is people like you and yours who are constantly pandering to the minority views and trying to tell the majority how they should think and what to believe while all the time feathering their own nests and agendas.... the true nanny state


Coming out with daft comments like "Britannia uber alles" doesn't answer any of the points I have raised as legitimate worries about what is happening in the country.


You carry on trying to tar everyone as a nazi who angles towards the BNP and the likes and you do so at your peril.... there are many many ordinary citizens who have serious concerns about such issues


I remember an interview when the BNP first won a seat up in Burnley. They interviewed a war veteran who had voted BNP and he was truly worried about uncontrolled immigration from cultures far far different and removed from our own.

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Exactly.... the BNP are not going to go away; and especially so now that there is such distatse with europe, uncontrolled immigration and the rip off MP's we have.


Merely comparing everyone to a Nazi who thinks that immigration is too high or thinks that Europe is not the way to go is a daft stance..... although Sgt isn't exactly known for his sensible approach!

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Its about time Observer, there you've made it out of the closet, your on the hard right, all you needed was a little help from Baz :wink::lol:


I have nothing to hide, I stand for a free market I am against protectionism of any kind and I stand for the free movement of labour :!::wink:


Will you decare what you stand for observer or will you hide behind Baz again :!:

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No one is hiding behind anyone.... (and believe me Obs is the last person to be classed as right wing!!)


Your problem Sgt is that you will not accept that anyone cannot like what is happening to this country with respect to the loss of power to Europe.


Freedom of labour is fine, but within reason. When all the Polish came over, all it did was drive down wage costs for established British workers, The Poles didn't come over to take up all of the menial jobs or to fill in positions that were vacant (despite what the perenial liars Brown and Bliar might have said); they came over and took work off established trades (electricians and the likes) all over the country and drove down wages in the process. Long established companies in the South East went to the wall and were replaced by companies soley owned by and employing foreign workers. Even the government is fiddling the figures to help it meet its targets of providing jobs to the local economy by allowing foreign labour to register on site using a local postcode for their digs regardless to whether they have only just moved in!! It is a scandal


Illegal immigration is a problem as are cultural differences which force most people from minority ethnic backgrounds to congregate in a particular area so they can live among their own people. They are as much to blame for creating the cultural barriers as the indiginous population (I use the term most because there are exceptions; even my next door neighbours are a family of Muslim Pakistanis who are fabulous people and far better neighbours than most "white" families. Their little boy plays with my son) and we are good friends as well as neighbours. So I do not class myself as a Nazi or a Racist; unlike you and your kind Sgt who are ever so quick to jump on the "you are a racist" bandwagon like Mr Brown and Nu Labour tell you to do.


You always seem to be very quick to pigeonhole people because it seems to fit into your way of dealing with things; You can't fight an argument on level terms, you have to resort to trying to do down your opponent with slanderous remarks.


It has often happened that when I say "oh my neighbour is a Muslim" or "my previous neighbour was a Seikh" or "my little boy often has his frinds round who are Pakistanis" that people like Sgt will still call me a racist or whatever even though I feel no ill towards them;


my question is, "what makes a person not a racist"? In your eyes will be fine Sgt and then you tell me why you are not a racist or a far right sympathiser because If I can list all the above and in your eyes it still makes me racist, your qualifications must be pretty damned good!

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