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Wow, what a terrific film masterpiece. I cannot begin to describe how superior and entertaining an experience it was. I saw in on Blu-Ray DVD on HD TV. It reminds us of the Wizard of Oz, Gone With the Wind, Pearl Harbor, many cattle drives such as Red River, and classic tales about rich aristocratic lady and hunky working man. Not to mention the scene stealing Creamy who avoided the 1500 mile fence but did lose his mother and peers, a lost generation. It's 1939 and this is the ultimate Australian movie. Terrific!!! Five stars plus. Two thumbs way up high.


(I've always considered myself a history buff and should have a PhD degree in World War II, but was not aware of the Japanese assault on Darwin.)

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In the film Imperial soldiers invaded a Mission Island off the coast of Darwin to secure a radio outpost and killed at least one aboriginine defender. The prologue salutes aboriginines and some Island natives whose name I forgot. Darwin evacuates to the south leaving the bombed area to invaders that never came.

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Forgot to mention the homages to African Queen, Tai-Pan, and Crocodile Dundee. It has a few stock cliches such as the drunken but brave Irishman, and the ruthless monopolist businessman, (was Russell Crowe supposed to play that part done by Bryan Brown?). There were places where I think we were supposed to know some of the characters better, but they probably got clipped to fit theater times of 2 hrs. 25 minutes. I hope they recut this film to play as a TV series and flesh out those minor characters. It was all so terrific.

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