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Celtic Crusaders v Wakefield Wildcats


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there a various rumours on the web but this is from the Crusaders Forum:-


Sunday night's match between Celtic Crusaders and Wakefield Wildcats has been postponed.


The RFL will be making a formal statement later this evening.


Until that statement is released we would request that no one posts any kind of speculation or information regarding the reason for the postponement.


The reasons for this will become clear later.


We thank you for your co-operation and support.

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Such a tragedy for his family which will blight the rest of their lives, I can only imagine what they are going through today. It seems the lad suffered a broken neck leading to a convulsion which killed him. Perhaps there is a need to reconsider a change in which the modern game is played. There's an ever increasing demand for players to become bigger, heavier and stronger than ever before to cope with the Australian way of playing the game which is over-reliant on brute force, big hits and winning the *collision* being the order of the day. Maybe we should bring back old time skills which we all grew up on. It's relatively easy to add muscle to the human frame but you can't add anything to that frame. Bones, sinews and ligaments remain the same. There's more long term injuries at clubs than ever I can recall in the past leading to reconstructions of knees shoulders and goodness knows what else. If you look at player's profiles you'd be amazed just how heavy they are. These statistics have been removed from the Wire web-site but I've been on the web-sites of other clubs and was astounded just how big and heavy the modern player is. It seems a minimum of 15 stones is required to play todays game. Had I young sons there's no way I'd let them play Rugby League the way it's going. I'm just suprised that yesterday's tragedy was the first fatality but I can't see it being the last.

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Oddly enough I was only saying the other week how the players today seem more athletic and rely on speed and agility rather than body mass as was the case years back. Then again I?m certainly no expert on the subject so stand to be corrected. As for steering youngsters away from any sport that involves risk, well that?s a personal decision but not one I could agree with.


Bill :)

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I've just checked the St Helens web site and the stats for the players are:


Wellens 15 stones 13 pounds


Gardner 15 stones 7 pounds


Gidley 15 stones 7 pounds


Meli 16 stones 8 pounds


Pryce 16 stones 4 pounds


Even tiny Sean Long weighs in at 14 stones 0 pounds


These are giants of men compared with the backs of yesteryear. These are just backs, I've not bothered to check on the forwards who are even bigger of course.

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If you want "giants", you need to look at an RU pack! :shock: Years ago, RL forwards used to be relatively small and fat, with a low centre of gravity, which helped them travel in mud; converserly, the Ozzies, who play on dry grass have always tended to have an athletic build; perhaps that's why they all finish up playing over here?! :?:wink:

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Being a tall forward in RU gave players an advantage in the line-out. Consequently you got 7 foot beanpoles with little hand / eye co-ordination and very clumsy. Nowadays being able to *lift* players in the line out doesn't matter so much, indeed being small could have an advantage in the fact you could chuck a little guy twenty feet in the air.

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