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Final Tickets


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Both FA and CL.


Seems like the fans are as usual getting the poor end of distribution.


Apparently the Athens stadium "wasnt designed for football" so why hold the most prestigous european FOOTBALL game there then?


And wasnt wembley supposed to be better than the old one? However less supporters are going to see it.


Simple solution.


80% to the teams split based on average attendance

20% to the other hangers on - including corporates etc.

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A friend of mine is a season ticket holder at Anfield - he has four season tickets and has got four tickets for the Champions League Final - no hassles.

Paid the goign rate, got flights sorted.

Don't know what all the fuss is about.

Real fans get to the finals - it is all the ones that come out of the woodwork which causes the problems! :onfire:

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