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Parking issues and access for emergency vehicles!!!!

Geoffrey Settle

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I noted with interest yesterday's front page on parking in Stockton Heath where cars are parked on either side of a road.


Not only is this causing problems there but it is causing problems throughout the town.


I drive a mini bus for a disbaled group and some days I can't get near some of their roads let alone their front doors.


It is particualarly bad when it's dropping off or picking up time at schools. I have written to one in Westbrook and the Head Master agrees with me that it is an issue - but he is blue in face trying to get parents to adopt a sensible approach. He did however publish my concerns in the school newsletter - alas to no avail.


The other problem time is the evening when all the workers who use a car are at home.


My main concern is that if I can't get through then a fire engine, ambulance or other vehicle stands no chance.


Has anyone got a solution?

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I imagine it is illegal to park the way they do at Old Hall School, however the school had loads of railings put up a few years ago which don't allow parking anywhere near the place.


The parents of the lazy kids who won't walk to school therefore park elsewhere and block up roads all around the school.


Maybe a staggered finishing time might help whereby the kids are let out over a period of say an hour in the afternoon. Might aliviate some of the parking issues


Either that or stick double yellows all around the surrounding roads and book them all

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a problem with staggering the finishing times of different classes would occur when a car driving parent had 2 kids at the school in different classes. They wouldn't drive home, unbuckle and remove child one from the car, then replace and rebuckle and drive back for child 2. I wager they would park the car and gas to other parents for half an hour thus extending the time of the resultant chaos. I doubt there are many schools in Warrington which don't have this problem and something does need to be done. If wardens or police were to patrol the schools at regular intervals pointing out the error of the parents ways then perhaps they may learn to consider others as well as themselves.

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Pete to lift 28 stone you have to be more than fit yoyu have to be built like the HULK! - and once in hospital what do you expect the nurses to do?


Back on the parking, I think that one schoool in Great Sankey had deployed the clampers to good effect. Now as you know I'm not a fan of the clampers but in this case they appear to be deployed effectively.


One of the cars for example that blocked my path has someone in it. When I sounded my horn a small child moved aroun in the fronn of the car. Minutes later the mother and sprog appeared and got in the car to drive off. The child had been in the car, dangerously parked and by itself!!!

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Maybe once we get 20 mph across all of Warrington then those children can walk or cycle to school like they do in other countries where the roads are shared equitably amongst all users of the roads.


Best regards


Rod King

Maybe when cyclists start paying road tax, you can take the moral high ground?
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I am interested that you have responded on this thread because I have a question for you ands it concerns cycle lanes; something which I know you are a great champion of and see it as somekind of right that they are supplied and maintained? (Personally I couldn't give a fig because I don't personally like bikes and think they are fine in China where people can't afford cars.... but that is my view)


I live in Westbrook at the end of Cromwell Avenue near ASDA. For virtually the whole length of Cromwell there is a cycle lane which runs alonside the footpath and has been installed or allowed for (no doubt at great expense to us council tax payers)


Why is it then that cyclists do not seem to want to use it? Every day or night I go down Cromwell, there seems to be some 70 year old bloke in luminous spandex wobbling along the road on his Claude Butler; narrowly being missed by the cars and trucks also using the road. The road is not the widest and as the council signpost it as a route back to the motorway, it is surely ill advised for said cyclists not to use the facilities supplied for them?


I however have a theory. I think the reason that they don't use it ("proper" cyclists and not dad out with the kids I mean) is because it is an inconvenience to have to keep stopping at the end of each section and cross roads using crossings and things and wait at red lights for them to change in their favour instead of just hurtling along as fast as their little spindly legs can propel them.


Just like red traffic lights and crossings are a hinderence to "proper" cyclists and seen as things to ignore or things for cars to worry about, I feel they don't want to use them at all because it slows them down.


I would be interested in your response because I am intending to start asking these people why they don't use the cycle lanes when you and the like seem to think they are so well needed


I don't expect an answer, but it would be nice



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