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WARNING - local school kids ! (posting just incase)


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Just read a letter that was brought home from Bridgewater High School today (Friday 13th)... It reads as follows :


To All Parents and Carers


Yesterday evening [Thursday 12th] an incident occurred as two of our students were walking home. The incident has been reported to the police who are investigating the matter and the students arrived home safely. In the meantime, we would be grateful if students remain vigilant with regards to "stranger danger".


If any parent or student has any cause for concern, please do not hesitate to contact the police or the school.


Your cooperation in this matter is much appreciated.


There are no other details given but worth letting others know just incase and reminding kids to 'be aware'.

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Bit worrying although it will hopfully turn out that there is 'nothing' to worry about after all.


Maybe there should be a more central Warrington 'Be Aware' warning system for parents/schools etc where people can be advised of possible threats/weirdos handing about. Although it's admirable that schools such as Bridgewater act so quickly to issue warning letters the warnings may not be heard by other parents or kids who play/live in an area .


Ok.. so some may call me paranoid... but I'd rather be aware at the time of something or someone who may possibly pose an risk to my childs safety :shock:


In the case of the Bridgewater letter home I only found it as I was emptying my sons blazer pockets for washing. Not like me to wash it on a Friday night but I was being more organised than usual :oops::shock:

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There is a drunk hanging around the park near the school at Bridgewater - he was enjoying his cider and the sunshine yesterday - don't know if it is one and the same but worth avoiding and reporting this character if he is still in the neighbourhood - I will keep my eyes peeled although at work most of the time! :roll:

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