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Seems a guy who (allegedly) took an overdose of drugs, washed down with rum and coke, was taken to A&E, where the doctors saved his life using counter drugs. :shock: Unfortunately, they overdosed him on these drugs, causing a disability to his arm. :shock: The guy then sued the Hospital and has now received an out of court settlement of ?90,000. :roll: So, should the NHS bother with attempted suicides? :?:wink:

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What amused me about this was that it?s just like the old doctor patient joke.


While being interviewed, the bloke said if he held his arm up in a certain way it hurt him.


Well don?t do it then! :lol:


Bill :)

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Unbelievable at a time when the NHS is struggling to fund life extending drugs for some people.


Maybe we should consider reintroducing Crown immunity as a way of restricting crazy payouts. The taxpayers' trough is clearly too deep and too many people are not just getting their snouts in it...they are wallowing in it. All these claims are a nice earner for the legal fraternity...at a time when their traditional income streams have all but dried up.

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