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Running Shoes in Warrington area?

Geoffrey Settle

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After 18 months and knee surgery I'm back jogging but only in my shoes (8 to 10 miles a week). This isn't great but as I get easily out of breath and the shoes are quite flexible I'm ok for the moment doing a couple of miles., however when I ran across firlds yesterday I ended up on my backside as they have no grip.


Does anyone know where a good quality sports shop is that knows about running? I want to get myself a good pair of real running shoes.


I don't think that there is one in Warrington - I don't count designers shops.


I know that there is a great one at Alderly Edge and also at Hyde however I think there used to be one in Widnes. As I don't know the place very well, except that is for the theatre, I'd need good directions or the post code.

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Pete, I bought my NewBalance 769's on Saturday and went for a run yesterday. The shoes are great but my back has gone into a spasm and I'm now having trouble getting out of bed let alone contemplating 13+ miles NOR am I going to pay 27 quid!!!!


Where has this Half come from and how is it being run on traffic free roads?


Good spot Pete is this year the inaugural event?


I see New Balance has put their name to it, WBC and the NWDA obviously got some cash to splash for the people's half marathon and it's being organised by a sports company from Carlisle. :wink:




Interesting reading on the Runner's World Forum about the event, little details, glossy entry form, too pricey etc etc. The Congleton Half is a CLUB event well run and in October - I think I finished third there just before I went on my HoneyMoon so I'll probably go there instead, lovely scenic course. Plus the only Half that I have organised in warrinton 11 years ago I charged a few quid for and the money went to Moore Nature Reserve.


Don't let me put you off, it's probably run on behalf of a worthwhile charity but ?27 quid for Club Runner and ?29 for everybody else, they are having a laugh.

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There does appear to be a great deal of confusion about where to park for the event. This has been discussed a lot on the runners forum above.


Passes have been issued to some that enable hem to park on the Victoria Car Park but people have been warned against the retails parks. MARKET street opens at 7am and is recommended.


GET there EARLY and good luck to all who are taking part. :)

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