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One for PEDRO - Bob Graham Round on the shortest day of

Student Geoff

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This will not mean much to most of you yet to me it is a great achievement. A member of Settle Harriers has just completed the Bob Graham Round of 24 Lake District Peaks in less then 24 hours on the shortest day of the year (something I always dreamed of doing). See photos below using link.


Normally this is done on the longest day (i.e. number of hours of daylight).


Al writes of his achievement



Some pictures from Laurence Ormorod that he took on my Winter BG round yesterday, I hope to write a short account of this long and cold day for the website and the annual review.


Suffice to say I got round it, on my own for most of it as well, which I have to say was a bit lonely at times - you had to dig in deep to keep making progress! I made it back into Keswick in a reasonably comfortable time of 23hr 8min.


Thanks to Laurance and John for the pacing and especially Roger for the 24hr support, pit stop and shopping service (preparation was a little rushed, and we ran out of drink!)


No more BGs this year for me, someone elses turn...?


Have a Happy Christmas!



Al has stuck some of the photos on flickr and you can see them here:



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