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Jimmy Lowes interview


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Mr Lowes dismisses as unimportant the fact that the Wire last won a match was last summer. Perhaps he could explain it more fully to the lost 3 thousand fans since then just why it's so unimportant. People,myself included, are more than a little cheesed off to watch the game week in week out for no tangible reward or promise for the future. He seems to have accepted that he's only here for the short term so it doesn't really matter. Too many of the playing staff are in the comfort zone knowing that however the results go they are untouchable. Well Mr Lowes must be brought to realise it's either them or him and if he doesn't take drastic action he could well be part time coaching at Dewsbury or Batley this time next year for a hundred quid a week. It's up to him to demonstrate he's got the cajones to make sure this doesn't happen.

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