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Wolves BURN OUT too early!!

Geoffrey Settle

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The Wolves have played really well in both games against tough opposition BUT only in the first half.


Is this because they can't manage a full 80 minutes, despite having 'One of the best' pre-seasons?


Have they tried too hard and done too much pre-season and not tampered down properly.


Do they train too hard during the week and don't allow time to recover?


Do they all go out boozing the night before?


If they can play well and get praised for that play why oh why are they falling apart after the half time break - are the opposition sneaking something in their water? OR do they get so cockey after a good half time that they all switch off and free wheel.


Maybe it's all of the above. Someting is going on.


What do you think?




Even these German Sheep can't work it out?

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