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Woeful Warrington


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Can someone pinch me and wake me up and confirm that was a nightmare I just had watching Warrington lose 20-40 to Catalan Dragons.


I'll pinch you but the newspapers will confirm the nightmare.


The game was so slow that I was catching up my 'neighbours' in the seats around me, with what they'd been up to in the closed season!


I actually came away not knowing the final score, just that it was 'a lot'.


We have so much talent assembled at HJ but they can't gel together.


Why not?

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I'm not really a Rugby fan but I watched it. Warrington were **** and the look on their managers face said the same as even I was thinking :shock: They deserved to lose :roll:


Apparently half time was 'amusing' though with the reference to 'kissing allowed' and a competition prize for the best snog caught on camera :lol::lol:

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I disagree with the look on Lowes' face, it looked like "get me out of here". He comes over as very smug in Gary's interviews, I await the next one with interest because he has no hiding place. Warrington were absolutely shocking in the second half, interesting to see who will be dropped this week; Briers, Monaghan, King (worst of the bunch again)?

Lest I forget, Warrington should have been down to 12 men early doors.

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It's a little too early in the season to form a proper judgement for the rest of the season based on just two games but bear in mind that the team have lost the last 8 competetive games played.(I think). The old fault seems to have returned, that is running out of steam in the last half hour, which suggests a woeful lack of fitness. Jimmy Lowes should be judged on the next 10 games and if no improvement then it's bye bye Jimmy. We've got trundling prop forwards coming out of our ears when what is required are a couple of halfbacks and a couple of threequarters, some strong running back three men wouldn't go amiss either. The ground last night was a little over half full and yes, I know it was on TV but it shouldn't have affected the gate so drastically. This means that two or three thousand people have simply lost interest and no longer wish to attend the game which is understandable when the performances are so poor. If this carries on we'll have lost so much support that a full salary cap capability will be just a distant memory. There'll be a small huddled crowd behind the sticks at Rochdale or Oldham and the like declaring they are *Wire Till They Die* or some such rubbish. I won't be one of them. I'm rapidly losing interest and beginning not to care whether or not the club sinks or swims. Has Simon Moran been the true saviour of this club or not ? I seem to remember the club was settled at the HJ and financially viable before he turned up. He seems to have far too much influence on the playing side of things to be healthy for the club. Who else would sign duffers such as King and Monaghan, who seem to think that games at the HJ are social ocasions to meet up with their buddies from Oz...I've never seen a player so pleased as Matt King to meet his mates after a drubbing at the HJ. Mr Moran should be kept at arms length from the playing side of the club...We've signed too many Oz second raters and half of other clubs invalids already. What is needed is a strong chairman who knows the game inside out and won't put up with anybody treating the club as their personal plaything. An overseer of all matters on the pitch and personally vetting future signings, both players and coaches. Doug Hoyle is a thoroughly nice man but what exactly does he do at the club apart from handling PR and gladhanding sponsors ? We've got too many nice men at the club and not enough nasty barstewards. If only AJ Murphy was 20 years younger.

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So it seems their Ozzies were better than our Ozzies! :wink:


To be fair they had some good French players as well.

Catalans were the third best team in Super League last season and saints over all were the best.

Lets see what happens at Wakefield on Friday - that will be the real indicator of just how good/poor Warrington are.

Like Safeway says - lets judge Lowes and the teams after 10 games.

Noble has lost his opening three with the pie-eaters and has just had the vote of confidence from the Chairman - bye bye Brian! :roll:

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Well all tune in tomorrow to www webpage for an amazing James 'Jimmy' Lowes interview that i shot today with Gary ..... The footage and answers are very revealing and the mood in the camp ?? well judge for yourselves .... :? eek ....


A rel eye opener i think !!! :oops:



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