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The House of Lords Appeal Court has decided that Abu Quatada should be deported to his home Country of Jordan sense and sorted you may think. :? But no; his lawyers will now be appealing to the European Court on the grounds that his "human rights" will be infringed by a return to a "torture" State - another example of how our sovereignty has been outsourced to Europe. :twisted:

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Is he a suspect or as he been involved in none combative activity , I hate that word none combaton should be murderer or terrorist as that is what they are ?


Or should we look at our-self?s and say that all the Irish should go back home if they had IRA links ?


we make them ones Irish MPs and give them seats in parliament.


should we use "human rights" only when its suits us. Remember that war we just had?

when Europe said no england and America can not go to war yet ?


Where we then replied get out the way we are following America


we are right and now over 200 + dead British soldiers NOPE


i hope this story is not on his news page or gary will hit the roof and paul will get Another whipping

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They are saying it could now take years for this scumbag to be deported and all because of these bloody Europeans. I can't see what the problem is personally; France and Spain have already deported terror suspects to Jordan within the last few years so the pressident has been set and Quatada should be on the next flight out of the UK

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I wonder how much compensation the victims of these Muslim extremists got from Eurpoe when their human rights were breached by having arms and legs blown off?


This hate filled Muslim bacon dodger should be booted out now. He entered this country on false papers and passport so god knows how he has managed to stay here for so long and to cap it all he has his family here too and they are all on bloody benefits! Once they realised he was an illegal immigrant why couldn't they just get rid?


Better still, he should get kidnapped and wake up outside a police station in Jordan,,,, just like the bounty hunters tried to do to Ronnie Biggs all those years ago when he was in Rio

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On reflection, wouldn't it have been easier all round IF all these "demics" and their families were loaded onto RAF transports, in the middle of the night, and flown to their own Countries? :shock: Their would have been howls of protests next morning from the liberal human rights lawyers, to which the Government could then say "oops,sorry" and apologise - the job having been done! :wink:

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